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"Hydroponics is the science of growing plants with water..."

My Journey

In late 2023, my journey into hydroponics began when I crossed paths with Ms. Shelley Matthews, the CEO/Owner of FullCircle26, Inc., during my enrollment in an Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program called Hydroponics 101 Training. While hydroponics wasn't initially part of my career trajectory or business objectives, my aspiration to own farmland and grow my own food led me to explore this new avenue. As I delved into the course over several weeks, I found myself captivated by the fascinating world of hydroponics. Through this program, I gained insights into the science of cultivating fruits and vegetables using water instead of traditional soil, which laid a solid foundation for me. The key principles that resonated with me were:

  • Year-round production and harvesting

  • Advancement of food security

  • Consistent growth in a controlled setting

  • Reduced or minimal contamination typically associated with soil

  • Emphasis on promoting S.T.E.M.

       (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)


One of the biggest takeaways from this class is how it significantly influenced my new career direction, leading me to become a passionate advocate for AgTech, particularly in promoting S.T.E.M. I now own multiple hydroponic systems and take great pride and joy in growing and harvesting my own food. Not only are these systems economically beneficial, but they also save me a significant amount of money compared to purchasing produce from local grocery stores.

Dr. Prince Rashada, Ph.D.


Owning these hydroponic units has deepened my appreciation for farming and agriculture, highlighting the significance of food security and accessibility. These units play a crucial role in mitigating risks posed by soil contamination, water scarcity, unfavorable weather conditions, drought, or inadequate sunlight. Hydroponics serves as a viable alternative to conventional farming methods, as it thrives in a controlled environment, ensuring consistent growth production all year-around.

For more information about Hydroponics and the units that we currently sale, please click on the links below and please use my Unique Promo Code: FC26I-03 or QR Code for ordering a specific unit to suit your needs.

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