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Transformation, Resilience and Change...

Creating a positive impact in the world by building a brighter future.


Presented by Dr. Prince F. Rashada, Ph.D.
Community Organizer/Social Justice Advocate

Mr. Rashada, with nearly 20 years of personal experience within Wisconsin's criminal justice system, has transitioned into a role as a community organizer and advocate against mass incarceration and for social justice. His valuable insights, skills, and background position him as a key asset in developing effective solutions to drive change in Milwaukee and its surrounding areas. As a writer and public speaker, Mr. Rashada actively shares his wisdom and analytical viewpoints on crime, punishment, and actionable strategies through his National Action Plan To Combat Mass Incarceration.    

State Capitol Address to Eliminate Solitary Confinement

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Presentation Topics


  • Psychological Detox

  • National Action Plan

  • Evicting the Convict Within

  • Eliminating Solitary Housing

  • Deinstitutionalization

  • Surviving the Prison Maze

  • Racism in the Prison System

  • The Reality of True Freedom

  • Self-Help = Rehabilitation

  • Destroying the Gang Mentality


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